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Meeting Minutes 08/01/2012

January 9, 2012

Syon Lane Community Allotment

New Year Planning Meeting Minutes

Sunday January 8th 2012

Parties present: Alex Mickiney, Andrew Brackenborough, Sara Nokovic, Gwyn Evans, Ieaun Davies, Kathryn Clover, Charlotte Little Red Riding Hood, Sam Ferguson, Lisa Heggs, Matyas Bartok, Ben Smith, Naomi Chadwick, Gareth Newnham and Babak Rafiel

Initial Round of ideas

What would you like to see Syon Lane Community Allotment become in 2012?”.

The meeting opened with this question being put to the whole group, with the following ideas being suggested:

A venue for eco-activist film screenings (Alex M.)

Carrying on as last year but with more outreach (Gareth N.)

The front area of the site needs to become more impressive (Ben S.)

An education and research centre for permaculture/sustainable living (Matyas B.)

A venue for arts and crafts events and poetry (Kathryn C.)

A place to grow food, experiment with different crops and socialize (Sam F.)

An education centre with regular workshops (Charlotte LRRH.)

A more smartened up education and research centre for natural farming (Andrew B.)

Agenda – discussed in order of perceived importance

Hosting/Teaching food growing/eco-living training courses

Andrew – We can host half day training courses on the site in the style of hounslow urban farm or phoenix farm in Hammersmith. The existing rain shelter can become a classroom and the front area of the site can become a growing training area with raised beds, no-dig, etc.

Alex – We will need someone with teaching experience (Dawn E.) to prepare out teachers

Gwyn – a whiteboard is available – Gwyn will be in contact with Andrew to arrange delivery

Charlotte – advertise courses in southwest england – also

Gwyn – Capal Manor College offer courses on ecology and conservation, further research required

Working Group formed for Food Growing/Eco living Training Courses:

Andrew B, Matyas B, Charlotte LRRH, Babak Rafiel, Kathyrn C. (maybe), Lisa H. (Maybe)


Andrew – £350 funding for seeds, compost, tools and water butts has been applied for from capital growth. Other avenues for funding include the local council and BTCV Green flag awards. Ana Doser of BTCV will be visiting the site next Wednesday to discuss possibilities.

Kathryn – We should get as much funding as possible to use for materials for courses

Gareth – suggests putting a paypal donation app on the website

Ben – money shouldn’t be the most important thing

Matyas – money will make the site look more attractive

Gwyn – Cultivate london might be able to bring us some compost

Alex – site should be based on freeganism

Kathryn – suggested donation for courses, compost can be got from local peoples kitchen waste

Lisa – Capital growth logo might be a bad thing – make people think we can’t do anything without the government

Matyas – It would be good to make money in other ways – i.e. training courses.

Gareth and Alex disagree with the funding application to capital growth.

Working group for funding applications and spending money

Andrew, Babak, Matyas


Kathryn – we can host entire afternoons of crafts themed to the seasons starting in the spring. 2pm-dark.

Gareth – cafe would also be possible with the aid of a gas cooker for tea/coffee

Working group for Crafternoons:

Kathryn, Lisa, Charlotte

Film Screenings

Gareth – a guy from st pauls can come and help set up a film screening rig. Simon (boat) might be able to help with cycle generators

Alex – has projector. Can project onto canvas or whiteboard in the classroom

Gareth – people on the station platform will see the films – great outreach!

Working group for film screenings:

Gareth, Alex

Planning the gardenning

Matyas – we should keep a log book of what we are planting where each year. We should work on specific areas on specific days. Make a sowing/harvesting plan.

Kathryn – crop rotation plan needed. We can draw a big map of the site

Alex – we can keep a big map in the shelter.

Andrew – We can put up a big board in the shelter with a growing calender, plant preferences, events notices, etc

Kathryn – would like to have a small library on site which is lockable

Andrew – the larder could be used as a library if we put a padlock on it.

Lisa – we can use a projector to enlarge the site map and trace onto bigger paper/canvas

Working group for drawing a big map of the site:

Kathryn, Lisa, Matyas


Andrew – we need a constitution to unify our plans for the site – what it is – what is does

Ben – we don’t want a constitution

Gareth – we could just write a mission statement instead

Alex – will be happy to work on a draft

Gareth – we should also have an outreach working group

Working group for writing a mission statement/constitution:

Sam, Andrew, Babak, Matyas, Ben, Gareth

Working group for outreach:

Gareth, Babak, Matyas, Andrew


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One Comment
  1. Thanks for this great new site Andrew et al.
    I’m really sorry I didn’t make it on Sunday. (Other commitments which eventually led to me forgetting after 2pm).
    Looks as if Syon Lane might go from strength to strength quite apart from Transition Brentford.
    I wonder if there is enough interest to maintain Transition Brentford for the wider sustainability aims – I hope there is but we will have to see if there will be sufficient support.
    Trevor Bending (‘signed’ in as Transition Brentford to make link to website).

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